Current Foundation's projects:

Open Longevity
Anti-aging clinical trials initiated by patients.

Open Longevity School
We've tried it in Moscow several times and want our next school to take place in Montenegro. The school is in Russian for Russian-speaking only by now.

Longevity Cookbook
Strategy to defeat aging.

Landing Strikes
We encourage you to participate in the creation of information resources, telling about the various aspects of biology of aging and radical life extension.

Aging is a disease
There are lawyers, there are scientists, there are law wordings and articles. They all fit. The case is small — it's just need to be done. Well, that's how small becomes big. Would you help?

One shouldn't underestimate the power of a t-shirt with an explicit print, worn on the right person. But it's harder than it looks to create such weapons of mass effect.

1000 Presentations
We've made couple of dozens already. But for each new lecture to become more of a science show, we need to put a lot of effort. Content, slides, speaker preparation. Maybe you want to become a lecturer yourself? We can help.