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With English captions (they must be ok, since they were edited by our amazing volunteers)
Misha Batin's philosophical travel vlog. You will find out why to prolong one's life, why there is still no cure for old age and what to do about it. At Science for Life Extension Foundation, we believe in the power of art. Meet a new genre—metamodern transhumanism. Stop doing whatever you are doing and watch.
Projects of the Science for Life Extension Foundation
Everything that brings science and us closer to the means of life extension
Our work ethics can be described with one word— transhumanism. What exactly do we mean by that? And to what extend does our ethical positions coincide with yours? Find out via a short test.
Mortality from coronavirus infection is age-related. We need research on this phenomenon, both to alleviate the current pandemic and to study aging and combat future epidemics. This requires access to the medical data of COVD-19 patients
The goal of this roadmap is to identify ways to stop and reverse biological aging in humans. All research and development supported by this roadmap are united by this goal.
Open Longevity Community
The charitable event Longevity School is an offsite lecture on aging research and prevention of age-related diseases from researchers and practitioners.
Open Longevity Community
In short, today OL is the main project of the Foundation. Here's why a patient organization, strength and energy of patients seems to be an important components in the fight against aging.
What does everything you see on this site have to do with life extension? How does all this fit into the big picture?
Mobile App
Changes in the intensity of physical activity during the day can tell your biological age. Gero mobile app can estimate biological age based on step counts recorded by iPhone or Apple watch. Monitoring of biological age in smartphone will help you know what lifestyle choices do really work personally for you and help to advance science against aging.
Database and web application for studying the genetics of aging and related processes.
Let's see what the invisible hand of the market is doing. Did it reach for the cure for old age?